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Huajillo Tree Honey

Huajillo Tree Honey

Huajillo Tree Honey

  • South Texas Honey

  • Excellent for Light Breads

  • Historic Muth Jar Bottle


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Huajillo (Wa-HEE-o) Honey

Hive Location: South Texas

Good Pairings: Excellent for baking light breads, Perfect on top of a warm fluffy biscuit and makes some amazing "Wa-HEE-o Margaritas"  

Description: A first cousin to the Honey Mesquite tree, Huajillo is a scrub tree of the South Texas Chapparal country. On years with good fall rains and plenty of spring sunshine the Huajillo's creamy yellow spherical blooms burst open in April yielding a mild nectar that imparts a hint of smokiness to the honey product. Our Huajillo Honey will not disappoint the discriminating honey palette. Maybe the best honey for baking light breads.

Huajillo Sipping Margaritas: 2 Tablespoons Huajillo Honey, Lime Juice from 3 average sized limes, Orange Juice from one large orange,  4oz White Tequila, Pour over 4 glasses full of crushed ice, top each glass with filtered water and stir

Muth Jars: The Muth Jar is a 19th Century Classic developed by Charles Muth (pronounced Moot) in Cincinnati, Ohio who developed the jar specifically for liquid honey. These heavy glass jars are full of history, make great displays or can be refilled! These jars are classically corked and can usually be opened with a little inward pressure and a twist. On the first open, sometimes a corkscrew is helpful but for normal use the jars are meant to be "lightly corked" and easily removed for easy access to your honey!

Gift Baskets:These jars make excellent gifts for people with an appreciate for honey, history and quality craftsmanship. The best way to gift them is in our hand made and are best gifted in our Honey Gift Baskets.

For Lawyers and those who hire them: DO NOT FEED honey to children under 1 year of age 

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